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Lynne Robertson

Lynne Robertson

Certified Transformative Coach

Lynne Robertson is a product of the very service she offers.   Her experience both personally and professionally is that we are capable of doing and achieving so much more that we often realise. Throughout her 20 year career, she has continually developed and progressed beyond her own expectations and she now devotes her extensive knowledge and expertise towards helping others experience the same in their lives.

At just 17 year’s old, Lynne started out as a PA in a leading consultancy firm. There, her interest in the field of personal development was quickly sparked as she worked alongside some of the UK’s leading psychologists, counsellors and trainers. It was during this time she was first introduced to the workings of the mind and started to learn how to assist others achieve their full potential, a passion that has never left her.

Her career then quickly progressed into the highly pressured world of media where she began an incredibly successful career in one the UK’s most influential media organisations. This career would last 15 years and see Lynne progress from her early days of typing, faxing and making tea, to being a trusted, valued and influential member of the management team in the commercial department. Despite her lack of formal training, Lynne quickly became an expert in her field through continual development of her skills and knowledge. Senior management would extensively call on her experience and counsel. Her biggest sense of achievement, however, was when she was helping others overcome their perceived limitations or lack of knowledge.

A few years ago when something deep inside told her that it was time to follow her heart and passion and step into the unknown. A long and intensive period of training and further in-depth personal development then followed and her outstanding coaching service is now the product.

Lynne has now come full circle, back into the field of personal development, this time with nearly 20 years of personal and professional experience, to provide her unique service.

Lynne a Certified Transformative Coach, graduating from Michael Neill’s Supercoach Academy. She is the co-founder of Three Principles Scotland, an organisation which runs training courses, corporate workshops and public events with guest facilitators from around the world.   She is also a licensed NLP Practitioner accredited by the Society of NLP (Richard Bandler and John La Valle).

She is based in Glasgow, Scotland where she works with clients in person. Using the full range of modern media, she also works just as effectively with clients throughout the UK and Worldwide.

The once workaholic, think-aholic, shop-aholic, million mile an hour woman on a mission, over-analyser, and wannabe know-it-all…has transformed.  

Who knew that life could be so simple :-)


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