Understand how our experience of life is created moment to moment.



Discover the infinite possibilities that are available in any moment.


Life is a Blank Page

We all understand the benefits of a clear mind, many of us would love to start again with a blank page, rewrite our lives, our experiences.  There are many techniques and disciplines that offer such a solution. But what if that blank page was always available to us, without the need for intervention, effort and struggle?


We are the Creators

We are the creators, the writers of the stories of our lives, but for the most part we are writing with invisible ink! When an understanding of the building blocks of our physiological experience are uncovered, you start to see the story you have written.


A new Thought

A new thought, or realisation brings our invisible writing to light, we start to see the world we have created. The Three Principles explain every experience, from joy to despair. Knowing this enables people to make wiser choices and to live a life of peace and contentment.

Transformative coaching and consultancy sessions  offer the opportunity to slow down and quieten the internal chatter of your ‘busy mind’.   From this space you are more likely to hear the answers to problems or challenges you may be facing.   Through a combination of deep listening and sharing an understanding of the building blocks behind all psychological experience we draw out your own unique wisdom, which is far more powerful and transformative than simply offering ‘helpful’ solutions.

Some of the many welcome ‘side effects’ this understanding can offer are, a reduction in stress and can increase: mental clarity, creativity, resilience, wellbeing and peace of mind.

What does understanding how our experience of life is created actually do for people?   Here are just a few of the results:
  • reported being significantly more in control of their behaviors, feelings, and thoughts 91%
  • reported feeling significantly less depressed 75%
  • increase in the ability to remain calm regardless of circumstance 90%
  • reported significant consistently (after 6 years) high self-esteem and positive changes in marriage and personal relationships 82%

Lynne Robertson

Lynne Robertson

Certified Transformative Coach

Lynne Robertson is a Certified Transformative Coach who is a product of the very service she offers. Her experience both personally and professionally is that we are capable of doing and achieving so much more that we often realise and with less effort than you can imagine.   Throughout her 20 year career, she has continually developed and progressed beyond her own expectations and she now devotes her extensive knowledge and expertise towards helping others experience the same in their lives.

The once workaholic, think-aholic, shop-aholic, million mile an hour woman on a mission, over-analyser, and wannabe know-it-all…has transformed.  

Who knew that life could be so simple :-)

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